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As a child, art and drawing were always a passion of mine. As I grew older though life took over and my hobbies, as they often do, took a backseat to the demands of everyday life. Time pressed on and I found myself in a job that wasn’t satisfying my need to do something that brought me a personal sense of fulfillment - a need that grew stronger in me every day that passed. Then I picked up a camera and my passion was reborn.


I am a self-taught lifestyle photographer with a natural ability to hone in on and capture the “Magical Moment” between people that are often unintended, that often go un-noticed but ultimately capture the true essence of the relationship and the memory. And it’s not just the artistic side of photography that I love, the scientific side is equally exciting to me. I continue to learn and expand upon my knowledge everyday. I consider myself lucky to be an artist in an age where technology allows me to capture moments and take them as far as my imagination will allow me. It’s certainly allowed me to expand upon my creativity far beyond what pen and paper would ever allow for.


As a lifestyle photographer, I strongly encourage my clients to consider using more natural settings and settings they are most comfortable in for their sessions – their home, backyard, a favorite park, garden or beach. Ultimately, the natural backdrops of these settings offer a far more superior finish to a photo than any artificial backdrop ever could. They also allow for the client to relax and be themselves which allows me a better opportunity to capture their true essence which I’ve found often goes missing in a posed setting with an artificial backdrop.


I have to say that I truly treasure the fact that my business has allowed me the privilege of becoming a memorable and enjoyable part of so many people’s lives - I am, after all, a people person! Many of my client relationships have evolved into friendships as I continue to grow with them, capturing the important milestones in their lives from engagement sessions and wedding photos to maternity photos and newborn sessions to family photos and graduations. For them, my creativity and passion cements their most treasured memories into a lifetime of visual display.


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